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Benefits of joining TeamOtaku Uk.

Anime prizes
You can win prizes by entering our monthly online cosplay and art competitions
Clan War
At certain events we will have clan wars where you will represent your Team and go though special challenges. You and will be able to win special prizes and also achieving milestone that will be display on our site.  Who will be the strongest clan of TOUK?
We will keep you up to date with our events. Members will be the 1st people to know about our upcoming events
TOUK Publicity
Whether you’re an artist, cosplayer or animator, you can share your images on our website, the best of which we will promote to our online followers.
Discounts on gear
Here at TOUK you can get special discount on merchandise through our clan wars or frequent projects we have
Access to forums
You will be able to take part in debates socialise or even enter gaming communities

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Your donation will help us to set up Anime, Cosplay and Gaming events in the UK.

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